Agency Mania Solutions launches new AMU creative feedback training course

New Agency Mania University (AMU) Course Released: How to Evaluate Creative Work BELLEVUE – AUGUST 12, 2021 – Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) today announced its new course addition within its online training program (Agency Mania University), How to Evaluate Creative Work. AMU is a self-serve training curriculum offering learners of any level – marketers, procurement professionals, agency management teams – on critical best practices and agency management competencies. This particular course is […]

Creative feedback checklist for marketers

Request a checklist to help you provide high-quality feedback: The ability to conduct effective, creative reviews and provide feedback to the agency about its work is a critical skill set every marketer/client must acquire and master.  By using our checklist, as excerpted from The Creative Feedback Playbook by Bruno Gralpois, you’ll be prepared to complete […]