Agency Mania Solutions launches new AMU creative feedback training course

New Agency Mania University (AMU) Course Released: How to Evaluate Creative Work BELLEVUE – AUGUST 12, 2021 – Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) today announced its new course addition within its online training program (Agency Mania University), How to Evaluate Creative Work. AMU is a self-serve training curriculum offering learners of any level – marketers, procurement professionals, agency management teams – on critical best practices and agency management competencies. This particular course is […]

EvaluationDeliver™ Participation Tool

Request a feature highlight of the  module inside agency performance solutions, EvaluationDeliver™ and PerformanceDeliver™, that provides a more streamlined and simplified process to manage and update participation lists: Anyone who has ever set up and run a survey process like client/agency evaluations appreciates the inherent complexities and challenges associated with building and maintaining/updating a list […]

20 Effective Ways to Provide Actionable Creative Feedback

Our visual: lists out top practices and vetted strategies for delivering actionable creative feedback to agencies and marketers alike. Inspired by our client experience working with the largest worldwide advertisers in the world.  To request a complimentary electronic copy of any above visuals, please contact [email protected]

Will You Conduct an Agency Review this Year?

Download a print-friendly version here Industry data confirms a significant increase in roster changes and competitive reviews. Is the trend likely to continue in the years ahead? What are the implications for brand advertisers and their agencies? A recent article by the Wall Street Journal quoted data from research firm Advertiser Perceptions that 58% of […]

Top 5 Ways Brand Advertisers Can Foster Real, Sustained Collaboration Between Their Roster Agencies and Create Better, Faster, Stronger Work…Together

Download a print-friendly version here How Marketers Can Get Their Agencies to Collaborate The first part of “Ménage à trois” comes from the Latin mansionem, “dwelling,” and old French word that meant “management of a household.” The concept of managing and orchestrating a carefully assembled roster of agencies has been particularly popular among brand advertisers […]