Video Explainer: The Strength of Agency Holding Companies

Learn how the exceptional financial and operational progress of Agency Holding Companies (WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, IPG) will impact brand advertisers in the future. After a careful review of the earnings reports of these global leaders in advertising and communication, we compiled a few key takeaways about their 2022 performance and, more importantly, what it means […]

2022 Year in Review of Client/Agency Industry Updates

Looking back at 2022: Trends, news, and future thinking— and how they will impact 2023. Newsworthy Reports and Recent Developments At AMS, we approach the agency management discipline as four distinct but complementary practice areas – Talent, Work and Performance, Financials, and Agency Reviews and Roster Changes – which is how we categorize the following developments. […]

Riding a Bicycle Backwards

Marketers have been conditioned to accept some ideas that eventually threw us off balance. Ultimately, these false ideas get in the way of effective partnerships. As a former competitive cyclist, I understand the value of balance, especially at high speed and within a large group of riders. Balance, as with riding a bicycle, is something […]

Agency Mania Solutions sponsors ANA’s AFM Conference

Agency Mania Solutions Returns as Q&A Sponsor of the 2021 ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference Agency management platform and professional services firm reissued its support for the conference mission to drive greater efficiencies, cost savings and ROI in advertising and marketing. SEATTLE – JUNE 24, 2021 – Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) announced today its sponsorship and support […]

How to assess your readiness for software automation (Checklist)

Request a checklist to help you determine the best time to implement an automated approach to agency management responsibilities: When is the right time to introduce software automation in the way agency partnerships are managed, from roster selection to performance assessment, briefing, training, financial, and scope management? Contents We Dive Into: Monitoring agency progress is […]

ScopeDeliver™ Progress Tracking

Request a feature highlight of the module inside scoping solution, ScopeDeliver™, that allows clients to continuously monitor and review the status of their SOW so they manage resources more effectively and ensure they stay on track to deliver against their objectives: Scope management is essentially centered on two concepts: planning and managing. Once scopes have […]

ScopeDeliver™ Scope Swapping

Request a feature highlight of the module inside agency scoping solution, ScopeDeliver™, that allows clients to continually adjust and refine their SOW and list of deliverables or projects based on an agreed-upon set budget: Once scopes are finalized along with agency retainers or project fees, the planning process ends and the work begins. Inevitably, over […]

ScopeDeliver™ Internal Benchmarking

Request a feature highlight of the module inside ScopeDeliver™ to collect, aggregate, and report historical costs to assist in the negotiation and alignment process with agencies: An important part of the scope of work (SOW) process is the review and approval of the agency’s fee or cost submission required to carry out the work described […]

ScopeDeliver™ Negotiation Tracker

Request a feature highlight of the module inside ScopeDeliver™ to improve the negotiation process with agencies: The process of getting alignment on scope of work expectations and agency financials is a common planning activity for brand advertisers. Once the client has articulated the scope requirements, the agency submits their proposal based on the agreed-upon compensation […]

SAP Ariba vs. Agency Mania Solutions

      Request a white paper on how SAP Ariba compares to Agency Mania Solutions’ Platform. SAP Ariba is one of the leading supplier relationship management (SRM) platforms, so naturally brand advertisers often wonder how Agency Mania Solutions’ platform, especially a scope of work (SOW) tool like ScopeDeliver™, compares with it. They may ask […]

A Guide to Agency Management in 2020

Featured on ANA Marketing Maestros — Read the ANA’s published article — Advertising has evolved into a complex, multi-faceted discipline requiring skills borrowed from business strategy, finance, information technology, human resources and almost every other corporate function. So, it’s no surprise that the list of activities on marketers’ desks increasingly runs long and deep. Too […]