How to assess your readiness for software automation (Checklist)

Request a checklist to help you determine the best time to implement an automated approach to agency management responsibilities:

When is the right time to introduce software automation in the way agency partnerships are managed, from roster selection to performance assessment, briefing, training, financial, and scope management?

Contents We Dive Into:

  1. Monitoring agency progress is an unproductive use of marketers’ time
  2. There are too many labor-intensive, time-consuming, manual activities
  3. Lack of reporting results in delayed or ill-informed decision-making
  4. Hours are burned by excessive use of agencies’ resources on reporting
  5. Confusion about priorities results in excessive waste and unjustified agency expenses
  6. Data quality suffers from errors and lack of versioning control
  7. Slow internal approval process and non-linear workflows compromise work timelines

To request the checklist, please contact [email protected]