Executive Summary – Monthly Recap The iconic Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is now behind us, along with a warm summer in the French Riviera. The festival left us with memorable insights about the state of our industry, as we attended in person for the first time since 2019, but with less participation. The […]


Executive Summary – Monthly Recap As we get bombarded with news and data, it may be time for a little perspective so we can tease the events that truly matter. I noticed a few interesting trends in the past few weeks. First, the concept of “responsible advertising” is now a reality for advertisers and agencies […]


Executive Summary – Monthly Recap Global economic challenges, including the impact of the war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and supply-chain disruptions, caused uncertainty and volatility in our industry. The tragic war in Ukraine continues, and beyond the horror of this human tragedy, economic fallout likely will go on for years after the conflict […]


We’ve compiled a list of agency reviews and roster changes that were featured in 2021’s monthly Industry Updates.  Conveniently located in one document to use as a resource. To request a complimentary electronic copy of the full 2021 list of agency reviews and roster changes, please contact [email protected]


Executive Summary – Monthly Recap After COVID, the world is now struggling with another major disruptive phenomenon: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The world of advertising is always front and center during human tragedies, celebrating and inspiring resilience and courage. In advertising, silence is acceptance. With headlines like “XXX has surprisingly remained silent since Russia invaded […]


Executive Summary – Monthly Recap 2022 might be the year of records. The tech behemoth Apple became the first US company to hit $3 trillion in market value, adding its latest trillion in fewer than 17 months. With more than 2,300 exhibiting companies, including 800 startups, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) returned home to Las […]


Executive Summary – Yearly Recap Welcome… As you spent hours locked up in an improvised home office, did you feel overwhelmed by the cacophony of industry news, yet still felt underinformed? You were not alone. We created these quick bite-sized highlights of what’s going on in our world so friends, colleagues, and clients wouldn’t have […]


Executive Summary – Monthly Recap What would dapper Don Draper really think of our industry today? As we prepare to close an eventful 2021 and start a new year, it’s far from being the calm and predictable industry it once was. Will some avatar elves show up in your living room for the holidays thanks […]


Executive Summary – Monthly Recap A recent commentary called “The Planet Is Angry. Are You Willing to Do Something About It?” reminded us of the importance of our individual but also collective responsibilities with environmental policies and bold commitments made by brands and their agencies to act decisively. It’s not just the environment that is […]


Executive Summary – Monthly Recap Cannes Lions Festival announced that it’s going 100% digital for its second straight year, indicating that the light is there but still at the end of a long, very long tunnel. Global agencies reported their 2020 financial performance and, despite single-digit revenue drop and a painful decline in organic growth […]