EvaluationDeliver™ Action Planning

Request a feature highlight of the Action Planning Module inside performance solutions, EvaluationDeliver™ and PerformanceDeliver™, which enables sustained accountability and the process of seeing action plans through more predictable and transparent: Performance evaluations have become a necessity for advertisers to continuously improve and strengthen agency relationships and the work produced by these vital partners. Once […]

Turning Agencies Into Growth Agents

Featured on The ANA Marketing Maestros, 4A’s and Adforum: How brand advertisers enable agency partners to drive business and brand growth through process automation. — Read the article published by ANA Maestros  — — Read the article published by 4A’s — — Read the article published by Adforum — GROWTH. If there is one word […]

Provisioning & Onboarding Process

Request a white paper on getting ready to deploy a solution with Agency Mania Solutions: Brand advertisers who engage us to build and roll out one of our agency management solutions follow a common process and methodology, aka the “provisioning phase,” for a successful deployment. We partner closely with our clients to determine and publish […]

How Marketing Leaders Must Build the Right Agency Management Competencies to Enable Their Organization to do More

How marketing leaders must build the right Agency Management competencies to enable their organization to do more. By: Bruno Gralpois, Author/Speaker, Thought-provocateur, Client/Agency Guru, Entrepreneur, Innovator Download a PDF version here For years, the practice of agency management has been viewed purely as an operational function by the C-suite. Instead, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) should view […]

How to Detect the Early Signs of Inefficiencies in Client/Agency Relationships, and What to do About It…Before It’s Too Late

How to detect the early signs of inefficiencies in client/agency relationships. And what to do about it…before it’s too late. By: Bruno Gralpois Author/Speaker, Thought-provocateur, Client/Agency Guru, Entrepreneur, Innovator Download a print-friendly version here We are good. We are really good, at reading traffic signs. This is not a new skill. The earliest form of road […]