The Case for Custom Software

Request a white paper on the case for custom vs. out-of-the-box software:

As brand advertisers streamline and automate their agency management processes, they often assume they must conform their processes to the capabilities of pre-packaged software (aka out-of-the-box solutions). This opinion paper highlights the benefits of custom over pre-packaged software as a service (or SaaS). From our perspective, custom SaaS solutions are preferable when adaptability and unique client needs are a priority, and this is central to our approach at Agency Mania Solutions.

Contents We Dive Into:

  • The myths to out-of-box solutions preference, based on pricing and robustness
  • The primary drivers in favor of custom software
  • Unique characteristics of agency management software that contributes to making custom SaaS preferable
  • The benefits of custom SaaS pricing model

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