Volume 68 February 2023

Executive Summary 2022 was tumultuous and challenging at all levels after a series of worldwide tragedies—from the pandemic to weather disasters to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the resulting inflation and high energy prices, the advertising and marketing world had plenty on its plate to address consumer concerns and keep business healthy. This is a […]

Volume 67 December 2022

Executive Summary Most analysts predict high volatility in the months to come, especially in digital advertising, and it is expected to spread across the entire advertising and marketing space. Agencies and advertisers are all dealing with a great sense of uncertainty right now. Macroeconomic concerns have been an ongoing topic of conversation, with unknown consequences […]

Volume 65 August 2022

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap The iconic Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is now behind us, along with a warm summer in the French Riviera. The festival left us with memorable insights about the state of our industry, as we attended in person for the first time since 2019, but with less participation. The […]

Volume 61 February 2022

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap 2022 might be the year of records. The tech behemoth Apple became the first US company to hit $3 trillion in market value, adding its latest trillion in fewer than 17 months. With more than 2,300 exhibiting companies, including 800 startups, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) returned home to Las […]

Volume 60 December 2021

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap What would dapper Don Draper really think of our industry today? As we prepare to close an eventful 2021 and start a new year, it’s far from being the calm and predictable industry it once was. Will some avatar elves show up in your living room for the holidays thanks […]

Volume 58 October 2021

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap A recent commentary called “The Planet Is Angry. Are You Willing to Do Something About It?” reminded us of the importance of our individual but also collective responsibilities with environmental policies and bold commitments made by brands and their agencies to act decisively. It’s not just the environment that is […]

Industry Update Volume 54

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap Cannes Lions Festival announced that it’s going 100% digital for its second straight year, indicating that the light is there but still at the end of a long, very long tunnel. Global agencies reported their 2020 financial performance and, despite single-digit revenue drop and a painful decline in organic growth […]

Industry Update Volume 53

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap Are you tired of hearing about this “new normal”? I think we all are. Normal is not too exciting and it sets the bar quite low. Perhaps we crave a “new extraordinary”? It’s fair to say that life as we knew it has been overturned by this nasty global pandemic. […]

Industry Update Volume 52

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” We sure had our fair share of problems in 2020. As we enthusiastically turn the corner and start a promising year, January still had plenty of unexpected surprises for us. It’s hard to choose, really. The insurrection in […]

Industry Update Volume 51

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap: Are we there yet? This common kid question during any commute or cross-country holiday journey feels quite appropriate. When will this be over? Let’s face it. We have all been hurt in some way. In a recent PR week article, Civis Analytics/Finn Partners reported that our industry is feeling mood […]

Industry Update Volume 50

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap Summer is over, yet it didn’t feel like your typical summer. Winter won’t be a typical winter either with the elections and COVID restricting us from traveling or operating as usual. This is what we refer to as the “new abnormal.” As you spend hours locked up in an improvised […]

Industry Update Volume 49

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap The ad industry is up and down. Mostly down, if you read the headlines of major industry publications. Unless you are in the tech advertising industry. But it’s no “walk in the park.” Even for flourishing tech advertising firms, it comes with a certain level of scrutiny and corporate and […]