Volume 74 | January-February 2024

Executive Summary January and February are often characterized by technological innovation as CES is followed by advertising brilliance during the Super Bowl. There is no better way to start 2024 than being inspired by these two epic events, which are stunning illustrations of where the advertising industry is heading. “The beginning of a beautiful relationship […]

Agency Mania Solutions launches new AMU creative feedback training course

New Agency Mania University (AMU) Course Released: How to Evaluate Creative Work BELLEVUE – AUGUST 12, 2021 – Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) today announced its new course addition within its online training program (Agency Mania University), How to Evaluate Creative Work. AMU is a self-serve training curriculum offering learners of any level – marketers, procurement professionals, agency management teams – on critical best practices and agency management competencies. This particular course is […]

Industry Update Volume 53

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap Are you tired of hearing about this “new normal”? I think we all are. Normal is not too exciting and it sets the bar quite low. Perhaps we crave a “new extraordinary”? It’s fair to say that life as we knew it has been overturned by this nasty global pandemic. […]

Industry Update Volume 52

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” We sure had our fair share of problems in 2020. As we enthusiastically turn the corner and start a promising year, January still had plenty of unexpected surprises for us. It’s hard to choose, really. The insurrection in […]

RosterDeliver™ Agency Feedback Survey

Request a feature highlight of the module that enables the collection of client feedback right inside RosterDeliver™ to enhance the quality and relevancy of agency profiles: RosterDeliver™ is a powerful solution to track and serve detailed agency profiles from a company’s roster of agencies to their internal marketing community. The purpose is to match internal […]

EvaluationDeliver™ Participation Tool

Request a feature highlight of the  module inside agency performance solutions, EvaluationDeliver™ and PerformanceDeliver™, that provides a more streamlined and simplified process to manage and update participation lists: Anyone who has ever set up and run a survey process like client/agency evaluations appreciates the inherent complexities and challenges associated with building and maintaining/updating a list […]

Podcast Evaluating and Managing Marketing Agency Partners

Featured on MarTech Podcast Listen to Benjamin Shapiro’s interview with guest Bruno Gralpois, Co-Founder and Principal of Agency Mania Solutions, where he discusses the best way to evaluate and manage your existing agency relationships, along with the frequency at which an evaluation should occur.  You’ll learn the three vital aspects to agency performance, and how […]

How Brands Prioritize Getting Better Work and More Value From Their Agencies at Every Stage of Their Fiscal Calendar

The Ultimate Payoff: Investing in your agency relationships is a payoff, not a tradeoff. Advertising has evolved into a complex, multi-faceted discipline requiring skills borrowed from business strategy, finance, information technology, human resources, and almost every other corporate function. So, it’s no surprise that the list of activities on marketers’ desks increasingly runs long and […]

Transactional Relationships Are Out

Featured on ANA Maestros — Read the published ANA article — We’ve heard it before: Don’t treat your agencies as mere vendors, unless, of course, a commodity is what you are seeking. But the label “vendors” shouldn’t be such a dirty word. In principle, “vendors” are delivering services that have reasonable commercial value and getting […]

Agency Mania Solutions Leads AdForum Worldwide Summit Workshop

Bruno Gralpois and AdForum’s Elizabeth Marks lead discussion on the evolution of agency search and best practices with top search consultants from around the world. SEATTLE (PRWEB) – April 9, 2019 – Agency Mania Solutions’ Co-Founder, Bruno Gralpois, and AdForum’s Global President, Elizabeth Marks, will moderate a workshop on finding the right agency partner at […]

Adopting Smarter Ways to Conduct Agency Reviews and New Business Pitches

Ending the Traditional Pitch Mania: I’ve seen it all, it seems. I’ll bet you have, too. The endless RFPs. The RFPs from hell. The poorly run ones. The ones filled with regrets and disappointments on both sides. If you are an advertiser, you’ve probably run many agency reviews in your career, hoping to find the […]

The Demise of Decades-Long Agency-and-Client Relationships

Featured on AdExchanger: “Data-Driven Thinking“ is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. When advertisers consider a review of their agency partners, they must really believe that a change […]